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You all know I’m a big fan of P90X, and I strongly believe a good workout program is one that focuses on moves, nutrition and basic principles of working out v/s focusing on fancy equipment. The great thing about P90X is that it focuses on old fashioned hard work with very basic equipment (pull up bar / Adjustable dumbbells and if needed, push up bars) and focuses on all aspects of fitness.

But perhaps, P90X is not for you! Maybe you’re starting out new or are crunched on time and cannot have enough bandwidth to workout 6 days per week 1 hour each day. So, which program would you choose?

Beginner Workout Programs

POWER 90: This is a great program for anyone who is starting out new and all workouts are about 30-40 min each day. You will be working hard, but not super-hard. This is a great way to start getting ready for P90X and P90X2

HIP HOP Abs: This is a fun routine by ShaunT, focusing on Ab movements using dance moves. Although, this program is not very popular, this is good for someone who wants to get used to ShaunT’s workout style, which is very different from Tony H’s.

10 MIN TRAINER: Again, this is a great program for someone crunched on time, you will be amazed with what you can do in just 10 minutes. Don’t be surprised if your heart rate goes up, especially since you’re a beginner. I’ve tried the Ab routine and it is really tough.

REV Abs: This is great for a beginner. I’ve used Rev Abs for a couple of Hybrids and I don’t find it intense enough, which is why it has made to the Beginner Level programs. It may be intense for anyone starting out new.

BRAZIL BUTT LIFT: As the name suggests, this is great for the ladies focusing on the legs, butt and abs.

Intermediate Workout Programs

P90X/INSANITY: P90X and Insanity are great workout programs and you can read my detailed review for P90X and INSANITY here.

TurboFire: I’ve never done this routine, but from what I hear from my clients is that this is the female version of Insanity, as in, focuses more dance moves while keeping the heart rate high! Great for the ladies.

ChaLean Extreme: This is the female version of P90X, again, great for the ladies.

Les Mills PUMP: This is a 3 day per week workout program but is quite intense. So, this is great for someone already used to working out but is crunched on time. Phase 1 has workouts that are about 30 min in length, and Phase 2 (Month 2) is where it starts to get intense. For anyone used to working out might choose to jump straight to Phase 2.

Les Mills COMBAT: This is a 60 day program, based on Mixed Martial Arts. This is a great program for anyone transitioning from P90X into something like Insanity for a more hardcore cardio routine. This has strength routines too, don’t be expecting to beat someone up by just doing MMA at home. But your Cardio Strength will go up and you can practice on a punching bag (or with weighted gloves/ankle weights) for higher intensity.

P90X Plus: This program is to be combined with P90X for anyone trying to maintain results from P90X. This is not going really extreme, but it is tough. There are no separate days focusing on each body part the way P90X does. This is a synergistic workout program, which focuses on total body movements, since the goal is to maintain. Great to have for variety.

Advanced Workout Programs

P90X2: This is advanced people! Don’t even try this if you’re not a P90X grad or not in peak physical condition. You can read a detailed review here.

Asylum: This comes after you’ve graduated P90X or Insanity. Click here to read a detailed review.

Tony Horton 1on1’s: This is an Extreme Routine where you workout with Tony 1on1 in his gym, uncut, raw footage. The workouts are very tough, but honestly there is no structure, no worksheets, nothing. You’re expected to workout using P90X program as the base and substitute workouts based on intensity. You’re expected to reach/graduate at a level where you can make these decisions and make a structured program for yourself.

Body Beast: This is an all out MASS GAINING Routine. You can read a detailed review here.

Something Different

Tai-Cheng: I don’t feel this belongs to any category. This program can be used with any level, this focuses more on slow body movements, breathing and moves are designed in a way that avoids Injury. As important aspect of fitness is also ways and means to stretch, breathe and above all, practice patience.

You can go to the ‘WORKOUT PROGRAMS‘ tab on this website to purchase any workout program or go to the ‘CHALLENGE PACK‘ tab for combo deals. Feel free to shoot me an email via CONTACT ME section or just comment below with any questions.

So, what are some of your favorite workout programs?

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