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CrossFit just like any other sport out there is a training program more focused on high rep, endurance, strength, getting ready for an Obstacle Course Race. CrossFit is a program that encourages Cross Training, hence the name CrossFit. Asking if a particular program is effective is the wrong question. The right question is, is this program for you. Because each program is effective in itself. It depends on how much effort you put into that program. Also, effectiveness may imply 2 things. Body Composition? Performance? Ask yourself what exactly do you mean by “effective”.

As I keep saying every time, a training program helps you with your “performance” and nutrition plan helps you with your “body composition”. With each program, your body demands different calories. Keeping that in mind, nutrition has to go hand in hand with the training program and your performance and body composition goal in mind. A lot of folks start out CrossFit with body composition in mind. It’s like joining a Martial Arts class without having to learn to fight. Not a good idea. If your goal is body composition, then you could just do a low intensity, medium rep simple, relatively safe lifting routine with plyometrics and yoga in the mix. But if your goal is to learn to climb a rope, run a race, then join CrossFit.

A word of caution: Although CrossFit is a great sport, the certification process for CrossFit is not tightly controlled. Many coaches attend a weekend seminar and get their certifications, which gives CrossFit a bad name. The sport itself has a lot to offer but you will have to do your own research to find out if the coach you’re working with has years of knowledge, experience and coupled with other recognized certifications. A CrossFit certification in itself is not sufficient. The sport can get borderline risky if you’re working with someone who doesn’t know the difference between pushing their clients versus injuring them.

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