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Double Time is an absolute blast!!

I was skeptical about checking out the program because it’s going to be relatively lower intensity and more of a beginner level program. But it was quite a lot of fun. And I think the main reason why this program would be better than a parent instructing their children is because kids usually are in a comfort zone with their parents and don’t listen or follow every direction.

When a system is laid out it becomes easier because as a parent you’re part of the listening and following directions team versus the instructing team. They feel you’re learning with them and it turns into a healthy competition instead of parent being the leader and the child being the follower. Parents and kids are both followers now and the competition now is who can follow better.

It is exactly what is called as discipline with instructions. More often than not we are always telling children what not to do. This program does the opposite. It tells us what to do and what to do as a team. It’s more of communication and bonding and more of an activity versus a workout. Having a system simplifies the process of thinking what to do and makes it simpler. You also have the option to go play outdoors with your children and participate in a sport together without giving them too much directions and playing with them as a friend instead of being a parent. I don’t know. Just random thoughts.

Hats off to Tony Horton and Beachbody for this idea.

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