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Joining a gym or a fitness facility is a decision that we make for our health, which is a combination of mind, body, and to have a good social environment. So here’s the top 5 things to look for before we sign up for a gym.

1) Layout, cleanliness and utilization of the space

You don’t want the place to be claustrophobic, at the same time wastage of space is a big no no. You can always utilize space in an effective way and not waste any space. Keeping the place clean and hygienic is an absolute must and that’s something that cannot be taken for granted.

2) Equipment Does the facility have a variety of equipment to work with

Are they well maintained. Remember that any gym might not have all the equipment similar to a big franchise but the key thing is to ensure they are true to their expertise and specialization. If the gym is a functional fitness gym or a body weight calisthenics gym, the equipment might be lesser than usual gyms but that’s the whole idea for getting more done with less equipment or being a minimalist. As long as the gym is true to its primary focus, that’s OK.

3) Trainers and Social Environment Are the trainers certified and knowledgeable.

And I mean not just a certificate, do they bring their passion to the place and enjoy work one on one or in a group. Getting a certificate is the relatively easier part, but being there for training folks is another. There are unspoken, intuitive things that a trainer needs to pick up on to work. Also, do the trainers respect all aspects of fitness. I have met a ton of meat heads in the gym who deride anyone and everyone who does something that does not fit their definition of fitness. Walk away if they deride or disrespect any other form of fitness because that place will never help you learn anything new. Cross training is critical and important. So is keeping an open mind. Our environment shapes us as individuals. We look for good schools, good universities, good real estate before we rent or buy a place. We got to have the same mentality for joining a fitness facility. I’ve seen people bicker and deride each other over their choice of music or deriding one another over the choice of workouts, etc. – you get the idea. All these things are signs of a closed mind, and that’s why most of the educated folks think of gym rats as meat heads because they cannot have a decent conversation about anything except how much they deadlift and how much they shoulder pressed. It’s a great feat to be able to lift and press heavy weight but having a one dimensional mind will stop your opportunity to grow and learn in the gym.

4) Management

The sign up process in most facilities is simple. You put your credit card on the table and sign up. Done. Over. What about the cancellation policy, what about a contract, what about putting the membership on hold. Are those things easier. Having a contract is not a bad thing but finding and understanding the contract terms is important so you know what you’re signing up. But don’t let this waver your decision because owners have rent to pay and the contract ensures they have consistent income for them to bring more equipment, more ideas to the facility. They have bills to pay too.

5) Social Media How is their Social Media page or pages.

Are they engaging you in increasing your knowledge, mindset and sharing informative articles and a variety of information on their page versus just posting some random stuff. I’ve said this earlier and I keep saying this all the time, selling is a by product of solving a problem. Learning and staying connected doesn’t stop in the gym, you’re still learning outside and stepping into the gym is a part of the bigger picture, the bigger equation. The rest of the pieces are also necessary to have the final equation. Social Media influences us in every way and it’s necessary that their pages and posts help us learn and keep inspiring to do better and enjoy the process with having good quality aesthetic and performance results.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you.

Love and Gratitude,

– Vivek

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