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22 Minute Hard Corps (pronounced Kor) – New Workout Program by Tony Horton released today! Here are the links for the purchases and quick video about the program. 

This program developed by Tony Horton is inspired by his travel all around the world training Service Men and Women on various US Military bases. The program is 8 weeks long with focus on Strength and Cardio and 22 minutes a day with basic equipment. There are core routines that fall on certain days that are about 10 – 12 minutes in duration. 

More details to follow, in the meantime, here are the purchase links.

(For the month of March, you will receive a free sandbag with your purchase)

Click here to buy the Base Kit – $39.90

Click here to buy the Deluxe Kit – $79.90

The Challenge Packs below are more value for money if you already purchase Shakeology. You also get the option to become a Club Member on a trial basis for one month or you can choose to not opt for it if you don’t want it. With the club membership, you can also stream your workouts when you make a purchase. You can cancel the trial membership in 30 days. The cost for the Club Membership (if you choose to keep it) is about $15 per month. 

Click here to buy the Shakeology Challenge Pack – $140

Click here to buy the Beachbody Performance Challenge Pack – $140

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