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Hey everyone, I purchased a program (details in link below) called 21 Day Metashred. It’s a 3-week plan with 3 days per week exercises, 30 minutes a day. Comes with a calendar, DVDs, etc. the usual stuff. Let me talk about the training principle of this program.

Training Philosophy-
This is a functional routine emphasizing on mainly the lower body. The workouts are more or less similar in nature with a few movements that are fairly new from a functional point. To that effect, you won’t build muscle on this program. For beginners this will challenge you. For folks who have done Asylum, it won’t. But it will help you with newer movements.

Trainer has an annoying personality. He is screaming the entire time and gets annoying after a while. Tony H and ShaunT have spoiled us with their amazing personalities and I honestly feel they have a lot of calm when they train.

Production Quality and Music –
While you can hardly hear the music because the trainer is screaming all the time, the production quality is not bad at all. In fact it’s quite decent. I wonder why they couldn’t put 3 workouts on one DVD in order to reduce the amount of DVDs you need to carry. The DVDs don’t have a countdown timer which keeps you guessing how much time has elapsed or completed. Not simplified, not thought out well.

Equipment needed-
Adjustable weights and a plyometric box. That’s all you need. That means no pull ups. A huge aspect of fitness left out. Same as Insanity MAX30. Then it also means you can workout indoors during harsh winters. Get back to pull ups or include a back day during this program.

Cost –
$90 is a bit steep for a 3 week program but it also comes with a 1 year return policy. It also has variety to include for future hybrids. You’ll hit a plateau with this program really soon. There’s a reason why it’s 3 weeks. Take that then move to another program and add one workout per week from here. Mix it up.

Overall a decent purchase. Is it top of the line like Beachbody? Not really. Beachbody has more money to spend on production and their trainers are now celebrity trainers so they have a strong market. This one doesn’t. If you’re doing Hammer and Chisel, this one might be relatively easier but newer movements include variety if you so desire. This is not a body-building program, it’s quite a basic program with very less utilization of weights. And weight training is important doesn’t matter if you’re male, female. Some movements did surprise and challenge me while some were quite basic. Either ways it will challenge you, not the way P90X or Asylum type programs do, but it has its own style.

This is not a Beachbody product, I do not get any kickback or fee for writing on their behalf. Just trying to share information with you.

Feel free to ask any Qs.


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