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Who is a Yodha



It took me a really really long time to make this logo. The logic behind this logo is to create a sort of hybrid between English and Hindi/Sanskrit. Yodha is a warrior in Sanskrit. We have always heard about Spartans, Fighters, etc. and the term Yoda is associated with Star wars. (Yodha is not Yoda), but the term “Yodha” has been sort of unknown.

The font was carefully chosen to represent a hybrid scenario where it can easily be represented and read in English, but also it looks like it’s typed in Hindi/Sanskrit.

This is my 3rd website. I made mistakes with my earlier websites and didn’t think of appropriate names. I really felt this name would represent the work that we do.

Would love to hear your feedback and if there’s anything I could change/improve, please let me know.

Many thanks to my team who voted and helped me zero down on the website name and the logo.

Coach V
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Coach V

Fitness Coach / Blogger at www.FitnessYodha.Com
An Engineer by profession and a Fitness Coach / Blogger by choice. You will find posts pertaining to Fitness, Nutrition, Humor, Movie Reviews and sometimes Physics and some Philosophy as well.

I write from my heart.
I'd write even if no one was reading.

"Offending people since 1977"
Coach V
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