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There has been a ton of hype on Social Media regarding Guiliano Stroe (Left Picture) and Richard Sandrak (Right Picture). Guiliano is only ten years old and has a body-builder like physique. Richard was called Hercules aka strongest kid in the world. He benched 210 lbs at the age of 8. Apparently, everyone is clapping, encouraging and promoting these kids behaviors. Don’t get me wrong, the kids are NOT at fault. It’s the Media and the parents. My post is to encourage all of us as responsible adults to NOT encourage this anymore and start behaving like Adults. 


Guiliano is only ten years old. But I already said, and I might say it again while writing this blog. Why? Because children do what they are told to do. Guiliano’s parents are doing what gives them encouragement keeping their child’s interest as zero priority. Richard was forced into doing things, I mean, c’mon look at their physiques. Do you really believe this can be done naturally? If you seriously believe this can be done naturally, without the use of synthetic chemicals and steroids, then either you’re on a drug that hasn’t been found yet or you clearly failed your Biology class. Tell you what, years back, Richard’s father was accused of giving him steroids, without Richard’s knowledge. And speaking of body chemistry, the body, at this age, does NOT have testosterone levels to support this kind of muscular development. This is NOT and CAN’T be natural. A lot of synthetic chemical abuse has been used for these kids. Shouldn’t that classify as child abuse?

I researched a bit about these kids. Apparently, they spend hours in the gym, aren’t allowed to have a normal social life, aren’t allowed to indulge in foods that children eat. I’m not saying feed them pizza everyday, all I’m saying is there is no need for protein shakes at this age. There is no need to lift weights at this age. If you’re reading this blog, I assume you’re intelligent enough to go ahead and do a bit of research on your own on why kids should not lift at a young age.

At this stage of their lives, children should indulge in sport activities, run outside, stay fit but from a different angle. Discipline comes in many ways, one of the ways is to let them be what they are, and that is, children. What do we want for our children? I don’t understand why the fuckin’ media is giving them thumbs up when should be arresting their parents for this kind of CHILD ABUSE. SHAME on them! BIG SHAME on them. This has to stop and it starts with us. I don’t support this kind of BULLSHIT.

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