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I saw the trailer for Jungle Book and I’m glad the Indian Censor Board took a step and rated it equivalent to PG-13 (U/A with parent supervisor).

And to those who oppose this idea, I wonder what your definition of normal is. I’m scared of you and your ideologies. No not because of Jungle Book but by your definition of normal.

Tell me this scene (picture below) is appropriate for kids watching it. Tomorrow you will tell me Tarantino’s movies are appropriate for kids.

Oh by the way, double standard hypocrites who are bashing the Indian Censor Board, the English version has a PG-13 rating. Let’s see how many will criticize now.

Maybe from your point of view I’m overly sensitive. From my point of view people bashing the Indian media need to understand that in some cultures definition or normal is beating someone on the road and objectifying women. Doesn’t make it right.

If you still don’t get it you never will.

Great initiative Indian Censor Board!

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