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I used to watch MTV Roadies in college. When I first came to the United States in Fall 2000, everything I saw on TV was live in front of me. I used to think it’s a TV show, people can’t be that bad. Turns out yes, they can be. In fact worse. Throw them out of their comfort zone and they turned to bullies, boot-lickers or just scared. I was scared for almost a year to what I was witnessing on a daily basis. I was bullied, kicked and tortured for a long time. Until I started staying away from these bullies.

And I started liking Roadies even more. Now I’m amused with the dark side of human nature. Nice is overrated. Why do you think Batman works. It’s not Batman, it’s Joker who is magnetic.

I’ve learned now to only let the deserving ones to have space in your life. You let people bully you, they will continue to do so. Doesn’t matter if it’s a 16 year old or a grown up.

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"Offending people since 1977"
Coach V
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