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There are many diet plans out there and if you go online you’ll find a ton of information, good, bad, ugly all of it for the exact same lifestyle. There’ll be Paleo diets, low carb, fruit diet, Vegan, etc etc. The information overload never ends. Which one should you adapt?

The human body is much more complex and doesn’t work with a formula. It’s more to do with what your body reacts or adapts with best. While for some folks low carb diet may work but for someone else with a relatively active lifestyle, a low carb may not be a good fit. So it depends on so many things, your age, your weight, your goals and in fact your body chemistry. In other words how your body metabolizes food. Cliched answer but yes it all depends on many factors. You know your body best and instead of trying to look for a diet plan that worked for someone else, try and find the ratios, the macros that work for you.

And remember what worked for you 2 years back might not work again because your age changes, your body composition has changed and so has everything else. At every stage you will have to fine tune just like you do for your car or your workplace. You’re constantly adapting because this is a moving target and there can never be a formula. Calories in calories out while true is extremely incomplete because the modern world has more chemicals in food than in a chemistry lab. Hence the theory needs more to just a deficit or a surplus. What’s needed is also the quality of the food and the source.

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