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The Indian diet is all around carbohydrates because the idea is to fuel the farmer who works hard all day without using all the new equipment and technology that may perhaps be available in many other countries. So yes the carbohydrates consumed by the farmer makes sense. And much needed.

The world changed, our lifestyle changed and we sit at our desks working really hard with the mouse and keyboard and I’m sure our thumbs and fingers have huge muscles and that makes Darwin very happy but our food ratios and macros stayed the same. So we started blaming carbohydrates for causing obesity. We didn’t introspect and learned that it was lack of activity not carbohydrates. Now obviously we can’t go leave our lovely keyboards and computers and go farming all day long and this is where an adjustment of macros is needed. Workout plus an adjustment of carbohydrates (not blaming carbs just an adjustment) is much needed for a jump start.

So! Long story short, eat your carbs but know when to stop. Carbs are pretty much earned. So if you train hard, by all means, eat that aloo paratha. Don’t forget the ghee. Khao khao thooso thooso.

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