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Quinoa is NOT a superfood neither high in protein.

I mean it. Quinoa is overrated, misunderstood and categorized incorrectly by a ton of consumers due to the misinformation out there. Quinoa is just another grain. Some Grain examples are- Farro, Brown Rice, Frekkah, Jowar, Bajra, etc. But we never get to know about these grains because this is another marketing aspect of the food/nutrition industry. They’ve marketed quinoa as a protein whereas in reality the main macro nutrient of quinoa is carbohydrates! If you’re replacing rice with quinoa thinking you’re eating a protein, then you’ve fallen for the marketing fancy words and are tricked. Of course it is a better choice that consuming white rice because of the relatively lower Glycemic Index but that’s about it. From a macro standpoint, it is a complex carbohydrate and not a protein!

And of course if your definition of food is drive through’s and burgers, then every food provided to us by Mother Nature is a superfood. It’s the theory of relativity and you don’t have to be Einstein to figure that one out.

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