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Due to the supply and demand equation, modernization has lead us all to have a very unhealthy relationship with food. We were supposed to eat food when hungry and not have messy calculations trying to figure out what to eat etc. Mother Nature made good foods for us but we lost faith along the line. We blamed fruits for causing diabetes. We blamed carbs for gaining weight. We researched the side-effects of healthy foods while consuming donuts were no problem at all. We needed disclaimers for recommending fruits while muffins were not a problem at all. Our definition of normal changed. From calling blueberries and strawberries fruits, one day we suddenly decided to call them super fruits because guess what our definition of normal hit rock bottom.

Oh it doesn’t stop here. We decided to then get fitbits, we decided to make it complicated. Why? Because the industry saw a big black hole that can be used for profit making. They sold us what we asked for. We wanted easy. They gave us easy. What came along with it was a long bunch of confusing to-do’s and to-don’t’s. They started making it even more complicated by forming bandwagons. They understood the human need to feel belonged to a particular group. So they made groups. They labeled it as paleo, south beach, Atkins and confused people even more. Oh by the way even the sugar industry paid researchers to blame weight gain on the “fat macro nutrient” for more money making. And the confusion continued. The companies products packaged stayed on the shelves for years while the farmer was screwed. They had to increase their prices and organic food which was supposed to be readily available was not affordable anymore. Junk Food was affordable. So we continued to get screwed.

Our relationship with food has become so bad, like a bad marriage where the one who is hurt decides never to get married again, by the same context people hate the concept of dieting. We were never supposed to be on a diet, we were just supposed to enjoy the foods nature made for us. So many people are slaves of their own mindset and their belief system, it’ll take a long time to change their definition of normal. And the time is now.

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