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Ketogenic diets are picking up big time and are the newest and latest fad all around the world. Let’s understand what is Ketosis. It’s a state of your body when fat is used as fuel instead of Glucose. Aka Glycosis. So what is the problem with Ketosis?

Let’s get this straight. Ketosis is not the preferred state of your body. Your regular preferred state is Glycosis. Elevated levels of Ketones in your body are dangerous and to quite some extent life threatening. Ketosis is achieved by going on an extremely low carb diet where carbs are less than 20g per day. Which means no fruits, no whole grains, nothing. Which also means your daily fiber goal for 35g cannot be achieved with this diet so basically you’re screwed for reasons you already know. I’m not shitting you. Pun intended.

So is Ketosis worth it? In my opinion, no. It is an extremely low carb diet and I don’t recommend going lower than 100g carb per day. That’s as low as you should. Maintain a calorie deficit then bump up the calories aka cycle your carbs time to time.

Like all articles end, this one also will end the same way – practice moderation. We’ve wasted so much time reading every article and each and every article will talk lengthy crap and at the end of it, talk about moderation. What makes you think this article is any different? Stop wasting time on fancy useless articles and just do the old school thing. 😃 😂

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