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I went to the gas station to fill my vehicle’s gas tank. I considered filling it all the way up before going for a long drive because I wanted to drive and get more miles out of the fill. I realized that I can’t go much far if the gas tank is not full. I also couldn’t move the car much if I filled it with Coke or Pepsi. It had to be fuel. The higher the fuel quality, the better the mileage.

You see the analogy? Food is fuel for the human body. If you want to train harder and be better, you have to eat; and you have to eat enough. You cannot perform on an empty tank. Yet so many people I talk to always have this same thing in common, they are in a constant state of calorie deficit. While staying on a calorie deficit is important to lose some fat, you can’t be in that state all the time. It will wear you down. And whatever calories you consume have to be high quality. Just like good fuel for your car. The better the quality, the higher the mileage aka the longer you can train. Not to mention a constant state of calorie deficit results into a starvation mode and nutrient deficiencies.

So, next time you treat your car well, don’t forget to do the same for yourself. Treat yourself well, focus on nutrition and train to perform.

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