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Eating Disorder vs Eating Right

Losing weight, Calories, Organic, Cheat Meals, Calorie Deficit, Caloric Surplus, etc. etc. The internet is filled with these words. All in an effort to promote Fitness Products, Nutritional Supplements or plain old simple, Foods. Everyone (rather most population) is obsessed with any one of these things yet we have the best Organic stores that are super expensive filled with junk food.

You already know with your High Speed Search Engine “Mr. Google” what eating disorders are. Nervosa Aneroxia, Bulimia, Body Image Issues, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, etc. Many of these issues are correlated, no matter how high sounding jargon we use. Plain and simple, these disorders are created by our very own system.

1) Unrealistic Cover Page pictures for models

You can pick any magazine of the street and they have portrayed super thin models as ideal. Go to the mall and look at Victoria’s Secret’s store. They have super thin models who have probably starved themselves for days to get that look. Not to mention photoshopping, lighting effects, airbrush, and many other techniques to get that one “Perfect” shot.

2) Conditioning the generation that thin = fit

Being Fit is sexy, not thin. They’re not the same thing. Thin is the other extreme of fat. Fit creates balance. Healthy is a way of life, just like going to work. You stop going to work, the paychecks stop coming in. It’s the same with fitness. Sure, you want to stay focused on staying lean and looking attractive, but how you do it is also important.

3) Bodybuilding and Body Display shows

There is no problem with the world of bodybuilding itself. But most bodybuilders spend a ton of time obsessing over 6-8 meals a day, dependency on the weights room, spending hours in the gym to get to that perfect look because anything short is unacceptable in competitions. A lot of competitions also cannot be participated in a natural way. Many bodybuilders routinely use Steroids and the competitions do absolutely nothing about these practices. In fact, you look at some bodybuilders and it’s obvious they have used performance enhancing drugs yet they just keep quiet and subconsciously encourage unhealthy practices. After all, one of these guys wins the competitions and is flooded with fame, money, advertising, and many other opportunities.

4) Eating less as a way of healthy

Eating less is not good. Just like eating more is not good. But the feeling of consuming calories is frightening to folks struggling with eating disorders. Even though they know that eating enough is the way to go. But for them it’s a hard issue to deal with. In their mind, they feel and believe that every calorie they consume will make them gain weight and that’s something they are not willing to accept. Which bring me to my next and last point.

5) Definition of normal

With many countries, the issue is not with calories, it’s the type of calories. Normal foods for many countries is Pizza, Burgers, Sandwiches, Shakes, Latte, Donuts, Muffins, etc. When these are normal foods and part of so called “normal” diet, growing teens who are most affected by eating disorders, don’t know what to do to stop the weight gain. So, they take the path of least resistance, the easiest way out – They. Stop. Eating. When their peers, parents, everyone around them tell them to eat, they don’t know any better. Think from the struggling teen’s point of view – it’s either eat whatever you want or stop eating. There is no middle ground for “Eating Right” because the concept of normal foods doesn’t exist. To a large extent, the profit making companies have pushed many folks in that direction. Lack of availability of normal foods that consists of Fruits, Vegetables is unheard of. In fact, to a large extent, the regular normal eater is labeled as picky. Regular eaters have to then become picky because everywhere they go, they don’t find any food that is truly normal and not grown in a lab. I challenge you to go to any Grocery Store right now and tell me if every food they carry is normal. No, you won’t find that. Because normal foods expire faster. Which means in order for the businesses to stay that way, consumers have to be willing to shop regularly in order for those foods to be consumed. But regular consumers mostly shop once a week, weekends most likely. And businesses have to survive, they keep foods on their shelves that have preservatives so they can preserve their foods and their profits. 

Our system has screwed us, we have changed the way we define normal foods, we have labeled Eating Disorders and Eating Right as the same thing. No they’re not. Eating Disorder is something that needs order. Eating Right is trying to create that order. But because we are ignorant, we choose to overlook these things and continue celebrating holidays with muffins and celebrate life with donuts. And when consumers say it’s OK to take a bite and celebrate life with that junk sugar loaded cake, it’s just a reflection of how well-conditioned we have become calling these foods as normal because in your head, the rest of the days you eat regular, you’re going to label it as sacrifice. That’s not how food should be labeled. I’m tired of explaining. Long story short, as long as our definition of normal doesn’t change, nothing will change. You can science the shit out of everything and keep going round and round but it does come down to a very basic questions – what do you consider normal foods?

Remember, you’re part of the system too. And I read the following in a book “What you do matters. What you don’t do, also matters“.

Love and Gratitude,


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