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Detox comes from the word “Detoxify” aka cleansing yourself of the toxic bullshit that surrounds you. There are mainly 5 types of detox you need to focus on –

1) Food Detox – Cleanse yourself from junk food and eat healthy nutritious foods.
2) Mental Detox – Clearing of negative thoughts. It’s not easy but try to focus on one thing at a time. Look at the bigger picture. Practice gratitude. Be thankful.
3) Emotional Detox – A lot of this has to do with closure. When people leave suddenly without reasoning, you’re better off with your furniture. Furniture is not expected to reason, humans are. And when that does not happen, you need to close the chapter for yourself because perhaps it doesn’t make any difference for the other person.
4) Social Detox – Your social environment shapes you as a person. It makes a huge amount of difference. Right from the definition of normal, to ethics in general, your social environment defines you. A crooked social circle is guaranteed to make you crooked, a hard-working honest social circle is going to make you honest.
5) Spiritual Detox – Heard of forget and forgive? Yeah, screw that. I don’t believe in that philosophy. Once you forget, once you forgive, you’re more likely to let the people that have emotionally destroyed you, come back into your life. My logic is don’t forget, don’t forgive, but don’t bother yourself with it. Remember it forever, keep it in the back of your head, be careful with those people and listen to your gut feeling. It usually is right. If something makes you uncomfortable, listen to it.
Detox yourself, free yourself from the bullshit that surrounds you. 
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