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Few tips on Carbohydratescarbs

Carbohydrates are not evil. Complex carbohydrates aren’t, but the simple processed carbohydrates are. Carbohydrates are divided into two types – Legumes and Grains.

Legumes are lentils (chick peas, kidney beans, daal, etc) and starches are Rotis, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Potatoes, etc.

Protein is made up of various amino acids. Carbohydrates also have protein but the ratio/ amount is not that high. Also the full amino acid profile is missing in carbohydrates. In order to get a complete amino acid profile, eggs, chicken, fish, whey are required. These foods have a complete amino acid profile. The only carbohydrate that has a complete amino acid profile is “quinoa”. Now you know why I recommend quinoa.

So how do vegetarians ensure a complete amino acid profile?

In the amino acid profile starches have one part and legumes have the other remaining missing amino acid profile. Taking both type of carbohydrates ensures that you get a complete range of amino acids. It is a myth that you need Animal Protein in order to get complete Amino Acid profile. The bio-availability will be different, but the complete Amino Acid profile can be achieved with the help of Vegetarian Foods.

A simple meal could be brown rice with Daal, Veggies, a little bit of Chicken (Whey Protein Shake for Vegetarians) and a little bit of Non-Fat Yogurt with healthy fats such as Ghee, Olive Oil, etc.

Get a range of foods and enjoy your eating habits.

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