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It sounds like a super-sexy, sleek, marketing strategy “Bullet-Proof Coffee”, giving it a very high-sounding name and indeed making it “sell-able”.
Anyways. What is this Bullet-Proof Coffee in the ever evolving fitness fad that we come across from the minute we wake up to the moment we sleep (fit-bit for instance, but I digress).
1) Coffee Beans – This was obvious, I mean obviously without Coffee, this product would just be “Bullet-Proof”. Their claim is that this coffee is free of myotoxins (or is it mycotoxins). Who cares. The word “toxins” means it’s something bad. Or at least that’s how we are conditioned to believe. Either ways, most coffee sold in the market are mytotoxin (spelling #3) free.
2) Skip Breakfast? – This is what Bullet-Proof tell you to do. Their claim is you won’t get hungry for long time. So, here’s the problem with this approach, by suppressing your hunger, you’re also slowing down your metabolism. What happens when you slow down your metabolism? You burn less calories. And then you have eat even lesser food to catch-up with the slow metabolism. So, basically, if 1500 calories was your maintenance calories, it has now become a surplus calorie level.
Don’t skip breakfast.
3) Healthy fats – Bullet-Proof coffee requires you to add upgraded MCT oils (MCT = Medium Chain Triglycerides), this blog is now starting to sound like a chemistry class, and this is exactly what the Industry thrives on, throwing in high-sounding technical names. MCTs are naturally found in edible Coconut Oil and if you have a friend from Kerala, India, this would be a regular oil in their diet. You can become friends with Indian people, we are nice people you see (and also get turmeric benefits, no kidding) or buy Coconut Oil. You could also add Grass-Fed Butter to coffee (I don’t know if there’s MCTs in butter).
And going by #2 above, if you’re skipping breakfast and all you’re taking is fats, you’re missing out on the opportunity to take in healthy carbohydrates and protein. In short, a decent breakfast is missing. So, what’s the point? Of course, healthy fats are necessary in your diet, in the right ratios. With Bullet-Proof coffee, you might end up taking your all-day macros in one serving.
4) Fitness benefits = ZERO. Why? – I won’t dwell in the “why” I think you’ve already wasted your time reading this blog, so hear the truth. Keep it simple, keep it real. If you want to take Bullet-Proof coffee, by all means do that, but it’s not doing anything drastically different that eating 2 sunny side-up eggs cooked in butter with a cup of coffee. Or just add healthy fats to your morning breakfast. By eliminating carbohydrates and protein from your diet, you’re going towards a fad lifestyle. It doesn’t help you adapt a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t teach you anything about nutrition and it doesn’t help you with having a plan. 
People want to go for fancy, gimmicky products. Tell someone to keep it simple, and they won’t believe it. There’s something very sexy about fancy high-sounding words that convinces people that this is the best product in the world. Shake weights and now it’s bullet-proof coffee.
Keep the balance, practice moderation and invest your hard earned-money towards a well-balanced fitness plan. If you want to take bullet-proof coffee everyday, then do keep a check on the amount of MCTs/Butter/Coconut oil you put in. And have a decent balanced breakfast.
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