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The diet below consists of Vegetarian foods excluding any meat, fish, eggs, seafood and does include milk and milk products. This is not a Vegan diet. Also, I am not a nutritionist, this is the diet that works for me. Please consult your doctor before starting any workout or a nutrition program.

When I started off P90X the first time, I looked at the meal plan and the first thing that crossed my mind was “How am supposed to modulate this to days that I don’t eat meat/eggs/fish, etc.” Being of Indian origin, we have festivals and days where we observe Vegetarian meal plans (due to Religious reasons) for days together.

The diet guide talked about substituting Soy Protein and Tofu instead of meat. Obviously due to the ongoing research and talks about how the Soy Protein can increase estrogen, it took me a while to figure out the best thing to do in that scenario.

First things first, the best thing to consume is, Vegetarian or not, Shakeology for breakfast. To understand what is Shakeology, click here. I always talk about how this gives a great baseline to start off your day with. With that in mind, check out the sample meal plan below (of course, change it every now and then) on days that need variety, so you take this as a baseline for yourself and make your plan accordingly and adjust your calories according to your needs.

Everyone has a different activity level and different needs, so be sure to email me if you have any particular concerns regarding this plan.


–        1 Scoop Shakeology
–        ¾ Cup Oatmeal (Quaker Oats unsweetened)
–        1 Scoop Bluebonnet Whey Protein OR 1 Scoop of SunWarrior Protein
–        2 TBSP Peanut / Almond Butter (unroasted, no salt, no sugar)
–        1 tsp Raw Cacao (optional)

Snack 1

–        ½ oz nuts (12 Almonds / 4 Brazil nuts, etc.)
–        1 Whole Fruit (or 1 Cup Fruit)


–        1 Cup cooked Quinoa (or ¼ cup uncooked)
–        ½ Cup Greek Yogurt (unsweetened)
–        ½ Cup Lentil (Daal)
–        ½ TBSP Oil (Canola / Olive)
–        1 ½ Cup Vegetables of choice

Snack 2

–        1 Cup 2% Milk
–        ¼ Cup Oatmeal


–        1 ½ Cup Vegetables of Choice
–        1 tsp Oil (Olive / Canola)
–        ½ Cup Greek Yogurt (unsweetened)
–        2 Wheat Rotis/Chapatis (or 1 Cup cooked Brown Rice / ¼ cup uncooked)

Of course, you can substitute with similar things, for instance, 2% cheese instead of 2% milk (Remember, Milk has more carbohydrates and Cheese has close to none). Nuts include Pecans, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, etc. Make the right substitutions.


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