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The success of the new movie “Sultan” just goes to show how people believe in perception a character that’s played by a superstar only supersedes the actual efforts that are needed in an MMA fight and derides the efforts of many fighters that spend years training for the fight.

Right from the badly photoshopped poster, camouflaged with obnoxious high sounding music, some with the trumpet (the winning wala funda), some parts of the music sound like band baaja waale in a shaadi, not sure if Sultan is entering a ring or about to enter the mandap for his shaadi. Dialogues from Rocky Balboa translated to Haryanwi, super slow-mo effects, ton of VFX/CGI to show Mr. Sultan Khan’s transformation, Haryanwi Jaat sk5language that comes and goes depending on the actors mood, and horrible fight sequences that are so filmy and outright funny that can give Spoofs a run for their money. About half the time, Sultan takes the mitti and claps to get ready while all other fighters watch him finish his drama and his stupid half smirk that is not as near as confident, rather much arrogant and when everyone’s busy fighting, he does one move and rubs his knuckles on his mustache in the upper cut direction in pride.

Sultan, in his entire career has learned only 2 moves, one of which is described as fatal. That is Sultan’s move, they say. No one gets up after that, they say. From a technical perspective, it’s a rather silly,stupid, and an extremely cheesy move that WWF wrestlers have been using and has very low impact. The slams are where it hurts the most, not the rolls. But who cares about wrestling in a movie about wrestling, right? As long as it’s Salman Khan with a
sk4CGI/VFX body (thanks to YFX) and a 2 hour movie can stretched to 3 hours, because you know slo-mo. Not to mention, he trains in about 6 weeks for a championship that takes years to practice, frankly with a 6 week practice, you may have a hard time winning a match with a punching bag, but again, who cares about fights in an Action Movie as long as its Salman Khan with VFX/CGI body (thanks again to YFX). Also, the seriousness of the character is directly proportional to the amount of facial hair he grows. Figure of speech taken to a whole new literal level. Sultan has tried to do a Rocky, but missed the essence of Rocky.

On a very different note, a star is representative of the most common man’s thought process, by that virtue the audiences deserve the star they get. Don’t blame the movies, blame your choices.

If you want to see a good India based movie on MMA, watch Brothers which takes MMA action seriously and to a whole new level altogether.

Just for fun, here’s a picture of Mr. Superstar Salman Khan with his body double.


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