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Sanju – A 2.5 hour long non-linear mimicry in the name of a biopic (with the neck extended by the lead actor so much that I had to stretch my neck 4-5 times during the movie) on one of my most favorite actors Sanjay Dutt. Sanjay Dutt in real life has not been noticed to extend his neck as much as shown in this movie. I’m sure the lead actor had chiropractor visits to align his neck vertebrae after each scene was shot.

  • Biopic = Mimicry. NOT.
  • Anyways. Sanju wastes too much time showing a shallow relationship between him and his friend, a friendship that takes place in a hospital where they squeeze each other in weird places and go to bars and pubs where their “deep” friendship is established. Sach mein pata nahi tha this is all it takes to make best friends for life.
  • From drugs to bodybuilding, they jump 13-14 years no idea what and how he got inspired for the transformation.
  • Anushka Sharma has a British accent for only one scene then she goes back to her desi style of talking. Sirf ek baar style maarne ke liye “accent”. Bahut badhiya.
  • 350 number that has been established for ghapaghap (something that the movie elaborates on instead of presenting a biopic in sincerity) is all it takes in the name of honesty for a writer to write a book on him.
  • Sanju is just an attempt for Mr. Hirani to make Munnabhai 3 because he has no more topics to make movies on. His entire subjects have been the Education System, Gandhi’s principles and Religion. Now that those topics are over, they decided to make a biopic on Sanju. Next up will be Munnabhai 3 because it’s obvious.
  • In the movie they mention that people don’t want to know the truth, they go for gossip, masala, chatpat khabar. This movie is just that. Chatpat khabar to make believe whatever they want to make you believe. The overextended neck, photoshopping, prosthetics, VFX, make up, hair styles, and a biased show all the way.

Sanju Movie dekhke ek baat to samajh mein aagayi – Ki jab tak Hindustan mein caneema hai, log bewakoof bante rahengey. I put it nicely there.

Love and Gratitude, Vivek

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