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Why the name PINK? You might wonder, as I did too. It seems the logic is the fact that a girl/woman is born and is confined within the realm of this color that defines her limits, not as a human, as a woman. In other words, a lot of rules apply to her and not the men in a male dominated society of India.

This issue has been talked about in colleges, talk shows, Facebook and other Social Media and also many reality shows such as MTV Roadies, etc. The issue is the fact that our society blames the women for men’s actions. Men are not at fault, they’re never at fault, women are always presumed to be at fault. Always.

The court case is phenomenal, especially the parts where Mr. Bachchan’s character talks about the handbook/manual for women. There’s a reason why Mr. Bachchan is still one of the best actors in the Indian Film Industry, he is phenomenal in the movie! The Judge’s facial expressions and the pain felt by him too during the trial. The Lady Police Officer’s expressions when Mr. Bachchan is fighting for the honor and dignity of a woman and the closing statement where he says a no is a no; no matter who the woman is. She could be in any line of work and even your wife; a no is a no. In a male dominated society, men do believe they own a woman, which is why this whole logic of I-can-do-whatever with the woman begins.

But wait, why are we talking about this? We do know everyone is not going to think appropriately or logically, which is why we have laws in the first place. But the sad truth is laws are useless given the turnaround time with court cases and the fact that laws don’t apply to big shots and people with huge connections to manipulate the system. So, really, let’s give up hope on the fact that men will behave in such a system unless there are repercussions. Remember, people work with consequences, not conscience.

The movie is an outstanding work of cinema and is very gripping and painful to watch at times. It is a great start with hope that laws will be stronger, faster, better. Don’t miss the end credits, that’s where they show exactly what happened in the beginning of the movie. Up until then, you’re one of the viewers who has no clue what really happened that provoked such an action. Which is what makes a viewer really watch the court trial without a bias regarding the sequence of incidents that took place and the case unfolds right in front of you.

A must watch!

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