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Not a Review – Just a few observations for the movie “Jab Harry Met Sejal” –

  • Showing the middle finger as a way to disagree with someone else. What happened to the Romantic guy who was playful with the woman in his life instead of doing such cheap antics.
  • Telling a girl that she’s the “behenji” types and the girl with low self-esteem who goes out of her way to prove she’s not the “behenji” types and constantly compares herself to a variety of women and trying to rate herself against them. She even does a seductive dance Jab Harry Watches TV. Excellent.
  • Falling in love needs commonality. The couple had zero commonality. In fact it was so forced that at one point you wonder if they are both looking for escapism.
  • Vacation is the best time for ideal conditions. That’s the reason why people keep traveling from one place to another in search of that ideal condition and people’s ideal behavior. That’s exactly why many people who migrate to the US want to go back to their countries (and vice-versa) because their idea of reality is based on the concept and behavior from people based on a vacation. Waise, I faced more than reality on my vacation so I don’t travel to India anymore but that’s a different story because Jab Vivek Met Family, he realized it wasn’t his family. Usko Galat Family thi. Next point.
  • I’ll continue. Ideal conditions mein to insaan ko gadhe se bhi ishq ho jaayega boss, can you still thrive and work with each other when you have to plan further? That’s love. Love aise thodi hai ki acha aaj kya kar rahe ho. Ji kal Costco jaana hai and parso I’ll fall in love because kuch aur karne ko nahi hai.
  • The song “Hawayein” was outstanding! Very very melodious.
  • The idea of Love has changed lately. I read this someplace few weeks back and I think it’s very true – the concept of Marriage also is going to get obsolete very soon. Everyone wants to be independent and marriage works on the concept of being dependent on each other for little things. This movie just went on those lines with forced chemistry without intent to be together and what exactly are you going to do after being together?
  • SRK looks bad ass! I really wanted to like this movie so much but I couldn’t find anything to like except the actors sincerity towards their roles.

I understand there’s commitment issues and that’s what this movie is about. Its’ disconnected, it’s disoriented and it’s forced.

And oh, by the way, there’s no story either.


Love and Gratitude,


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