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After watching Sultan, I was repelled with any more Haryanwi style movies going forward. I don’t know if its lack of entertainment availability or have people completely lost their minds to enjoy the Sultan buffoonery. I saw the trailer for Dangal and decided I’m not going to watch this movie. Just last week, I saw a 30 second trailer where Mr. Aamir Khan’s character has a dialogue with his office colleague while watching a wrestling match. And that included Mr. Aamir slamming a man twice his size on the floor with perfect form. I knew I had to watch this movie and erase the negative mindset that had been created because of Sultan the clown. Nonsense.

Based on a true story, Mr. Aamir Khan has trained for 8-10 months for wrestling and went through a huge transformation from being fit to fat for 90% portion of the film and then trained for 5 months to go from fat to fit to work on the initial portion of the movie that is only for 5-7 minutes in duration. He really got into the skin of the character. The man needs no words to describe his dedication and passion for film making. But this movie is not just about him. It’s also about his two daughters. They’ve trained for 8-10 months with wrestling their body language is extremely professional and their Dangal scenes will blow your mind! The training they’ve gone through for the wrestling and the way the story has been shown will leave you speechless. Mr. Aamir Khan has put everyone on this project through hell, after all you don’t create a masterpiece by rubbing your nose with your thumb at every instance and pretending a fake American nasal accent. Fuck you Sultan, you still haunt me.

Dangal is a masterpiece, there is no doubt about it. The trailers give away the story, so there is nothing mysterious about it. What’s amazing is the way it has been put together. It is a linear movie, no flashbacks (except the initial portion) and they keep it very short to get started with the subject of wrestling. There are a few scenes that will absolutely choke you, the phone call scene between father and daughter, no dialogue, just expressions and they understand each other’s tears over the phone, freaking brilliant! Another one is the wrestling scene between father and daughter. Mr. Aamir Khan’s expressions, body language, marvelous! The younger portion played by the girls is amazing and so are the actors playing the grown up portions. The bhatija character is amazingly funny and perfect comedy timing. Not loud or obnoxious, just perfect!

The movie is an experience and some jokers are comparing it to Sultan. Please don’t be so over-smart yaar, we know you saw the common factor Wrestling and hoshiyari marne ke chakkar mein, compare it to another wrestling movie. Please don’t show your intelligence by making such ridiculous statements yaar, kabhi to soch ke bol diya karo. The only commonality between Dangal and Sultan is the Sport Wrestling. Comparing them to each other is like saying every moochwala is Anil Kapoor. Stop looking for comparisons and save yourself a ton of embarrassment. The movie has brilliance written all over, flawless, all heart and entertaining. The undertones and sarcasm are minimal with humor associated without digressing into any other topic.

This one is truly the best Sports Film to come from India and will definitely make it to the Oscars just like Lagaan did years back. The sincerity with Dangal from every actor in the movie brings the experience to a whole new level. Mr. Aamir Khan has raised the bar, not just for the Indian Film Industry, but also for cinemas worldwide.

This one is definitely amongst Mr. Aamir Khan’s top 5 list (Jo Jeeta Wo Sikander, Rangeela, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Dangal). Mr. Aamir Khan releases a movie towards the end of the year and sweeps every other movie off the floor, similar to a wrestling move, dhobi pachaad style. Do not miss this one!




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