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Andhudhun means Blind Music and Andhadhund means chaos. 

What is life?

It depends on the liver. Sounds philosophical. We don’t know if it’s the person being referred or the body organ. Everything in the movie has two meanings. 

It’s rarely I watch any movie twice – Andhadhun happens to be that movie. Apart from the story-line, there’s a ton of hidden puzzles, clues and in general the director communicating with us either paying homage to certain movies or the 70s or clues in general. This movie is not just a movie, it’s a dark comedy, an experience that will leave you confused, entertained and most of all questioning what exactly happened.

**If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read any further. You have been warned.**

I won’t dwell into the story-line, that’s not analysis that reading out of a book. Hint: Most reviews tell you the story. In my opinion that’s bad writing and owning a website domain doesn’t make you a writer. 

Moving on. Here are few questions that might pop up in your head and I’ll try and analyze them.

1) Movie starts with “Ek lambi kahaan hai, Coffee?”. This might imply parts of the story-line might be the protagonist’s (Akash) point of view. What is true, what is not, it’s up to you to believe.

2) Simi’s character tries to run over Akash with the car. Another homage to “Karz” from the 70s where the actor’s real name is Simi Garewal. Coincidentally Sriram Raghavan’s first movie was “Ek Hasina Thi”, another homage to the movie “Karz”. As you can tell, the director likes to tease his audience in subtle ways.

3) The Ending- Lot of questions about the ending. The director very cleverly cut the part to where they changed the scene to Europe and then continues with A-Kash’s version. The truth? We will never know but my analysis is he took the deal with the doctor. A-Kash also could imply the one with the money. Another pun, another tease indicating he has the money now. And the friend he was talking about was Daani, she was someone Akash could trust. Also, at one point in the movie she was shown to talking to someone over the phone for a few seconds. Nothing happens in a Raghavan movie without a reason.

4) Radhika Apte’s characters father wearing a tee shirt with a rabbit printed on it. Hint. Clue. Tease.

5) Akash acts as Ismael the detective, right after that they click a picture and maushi says “Ismael” please. Tease. Pun.

I don’t think this level of intelligent cinema can be matched up for a long time to come. Sriram Raghavan’s best movie so far! Watch it only if you want to look beyond the story-line, if you grew up understanding Indian Cinema, if you like Pune, if you understand subtle dark comedy, if you speak the same language as the director. Both Hindi and Cinema language. I had two meanings there for a reason. Catch it if you can. 

Love and Gratitude,

– Vivek

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