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Ae dil Hai Mushkil Review in 7 so-called lines from the movie, half of which went bumper. Bole to tangent. Majorly tangent. I couldn’t figure out if I was watching people talk or were they reading from a book. It’s not a love triangle, it’s a love hexagon. Tahir loves Saba loves Ayan loves Alizeh loves Ali and all these people love themselves before anyone else. So yeah, love hexagon, that’s correct. The molecular formula is very close to Benzene.





And what’s with ek tarfa love and shit, sirf mera haq hai and all, it’s a nice way of saying, shit! I’m friend-zoned.


And male egos getting hurt by rejection in the guise of closure. Ranbir Kapoor as Ayaan playing a man-child whose reason to fall in love is simple, talk about movies that I like and love is found. Anushka Sharma as Alizeh playing a woman who didn’t get accepted by her guy (no idea why) but wants validation only from that guy and in an attempt to get over him she has become extremely weird and bitter. And re-living Bollywood style songs and all with an iPhone connected with speakers. Again, totally your choice, but just because I know someone who likes the same movies as I…. do I need to further elaborate?

Thankfully she’s not making pigeon faces.

Quiz contest – Point out 5 differences in the two pictures below.




Anyways. So, below is an overall view of the movie. My point of view, that is. Please feel free to disagree, but remember I punch really hard. So proceed with caution, I’m already disturbed. (This was a joke for those who have no sense of humor).

  1. Movies ke alawa bhi aur movies hoti hain. For those who could’ve gone for Shivaay.
  2. Movie tedhi hai, lekin is tedhi movie mein bhi popcorn enjoy karne ka sukoon sirf kuch logo ko aata hai. Only for those who get free tickets.
  3. Kisi ne kabhi aapko suddenly chaanta maara hai? Phaat! Us chaante ko ADHM kehte hain. Aur wo chaanta aur zor se padhta hai jab last minute pe koi teesra aajata hai movie dekhne. Last minute arrival of non-RSVP’d friend.
  4. Na Movie mein Junoon hai, na trailer mein sukoon hai. Actually, movie show in the afternoon hai.
  5. Aasan hai kya aisi movie dekhna? Jiske aadhe dialogues oopar se jaayein? Can’t figure out if people talk this way or are they reading from the Facebook news feed of motivational quotes.
  6. Ajeeb Kahaani hai movie ki. Someone’s hero and someone’s heroine. Can’t figure out who’s who.
  7. Movie ka release hona hamaare bus mein nahi, lekin us movie ko na dekhna, us theater se door chale jaana hamare bus mein hai. For those who have the option of not watching the movie, exercise your option. Walk away.

Hats off to everyone for the hard-work but I’m baffled at how the definition of love has changed over the course of time. Honestly, it’s not a boring movie, it’s rather peppy and fast-paced; it’s just emotionally disconnected. 

Oh by the way, the songs are fantastic!

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