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Toxicity is everywhere. And some folks derive their energy from a toxic environment. And who’s responsible for the toxicity? All of us.

A Flying Jatt is the story of a regular guy who has flying powers but also has fear of heights. He can fight a lot of people while at the same time he pays money for buying grocery and is actually a very decent person. Serious scenes are nicely done, and the funny parts are kept funny, there are no cross-overs. Nicely balanced!

They’ve also talked about Sikhism to explain the concept of how people have started making fun of Sikhs (which is very unfortunate) and the 12 o’clock connection, the power of belief and faith.

A very fun story about social environment, how evil and toxic can be derived from many sources but good has very few resources. Tiger Shroff is outstanding with his sincerity and action. He is extremely sincere, hard-working and honest towards his work and you can tell by the way he delivers. Nathan Jones is awesome as the antagonist, Raka.

Kids will love this movie. You know why? Because kids know things we grown ups don’t, they look for happiness in basic things that give them entertainment, some basic message and evoke their emotions. We grown ups read blogs, watch videos and go for classes on learning how to be simple and be like kids. We call it spirituality, kids call it being themselves.

The way they eliminate evil is clean up the city; the antagonist (Raka) derives his energy from dirt and pollution. Think about it, a nice way to explain this basic concept to kids – keep your home, your area, your city clean. The way kids are going to see this movie is to learn the fact that if they want to avoid future Raka’s, they have to ensure that their area, their city, their place is kept clean and pollution free. 

Could it have been better? Sure, it could’ve been, but its easier to write a review than actually executing a thought. If you believe you can make a better movie, why don’t you do it.

I know many people have called it a bad movie, I guess they appreciate only similar movies that are made in Hollywood, Deadpool for instance but don’t appreciate the Indian Film Industry making movies on new concepts. So as an audience, please do not complain about the Indian Film Industry not making different cinema because you are the one creating more resistance to accepting and encouraging new concepts.


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