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Total Energy = Potential Energy (P.E.) + Kinetic Energy (K.E.)

P.E. = Energy at rest, but not moving.
K.E. = Energy while in motion.

The Total Energy (T.E.) will always be a constant because when a body at rest starts moving, the Potential Energy is transferred to Kinetic Energy.

This is a Physics formula – but let’s take the logic philosophically for a moment. Actually, more than just a moment.

When we refer to a talented or a skilled individual, we usually refer to him/her as having a lot of “Potential”. So, what is Potential exactly. Deviating slightly from actual physics and going into the Philosophical domain, Potential is the amount of skill or talent that an individual has but has not yet put the Energy in motion. Kinetic Energy is still zero.

The Modern World has no shortage of Potential. In other words, lot of people already know a lot of stuff. No questions there. But the Modern World does lack Kinetic aka Taking Action. So often, there is a decision that takes place in order to do something but lack of action leaves the body at a state or rest. The Total Energy will forever remain the same, but the Kinetic Energy still stays zero, null. Hope this makes sense and puts things in perspective.

Now you know the logic behind the name Kinetic Honda as well. A bike is supposed to be on the move = Taking Action, breaking free of Inertia. It doesn’t run anymore, so it’s Potential Honda now.

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