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According to Dr. Dean Ornish, Love, Knowledge and Compassion could potentially replace Medication and Therapy.

If you correlate this with the Yoga practice, where the practice takes you through a cycle of hard training (Yang energy) and then slow it down (Yin energy), and closing the practice with Gratitude, it is in line with the above. During the practice, there is knowledge sharing, there is compassion, gratitude to fellow Yogis. I can’t comment much on love, that’s become a rarity but ok let’s count that. Even if you’re someone who is perhaps self centered and doesn’t want to do anything for anyone, practicing the above selfishly for yourself is also a good choice. In other words, practice gratitude, knowledge, compassion for yourself if not for anyone else.

We either try to orchestrate too much based on Science and Research or we blindly follow our spontaneous instinct. We are waiting for some research to tell us it’s a good thing to laugh and be happy or just go crazy because someone said follow your heart. We take away the spontaneity when we orchestrate things too much or become crazy spontaneous and don’t invest time in Research.

Ultimately it’s the infrastructure each one lives in perhaps that doesn’t allow bandwidth for either one of these. So we become sort of robots and behave not based on our needs but based on whichever direction Science and Research take us or become slaves of our impulse behavior.

We need both, Spontaneity and Planning, we need Research and Listening to our gut instinct, we need Lifting Weights and Yoga, we need Anger and Calm, we need Yin and Yang.

When we live in either extreme situations, the balance component is disrupted.

Love and Gratitude,


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