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Before we move into this blog, let’s clarify a few things.

  1. This is not an anti bodybuilding post, rather a look at how one dimensional thought process works.
  2. Bodybuilding focuses primarily on Isolated Strength & Hypertophy and Strength Training primarily focuses on Functional Strength; two different things, often confused with each other.
  3. Since Functional Strength needs all muscles to move in a synergistic manner, Isolated Strength is necessary to support Functional Strength.

I respect every aspect of fitness and so should you because any equation is not complete without all the parts necessary to make that equation. Having said that, having body building as a final goal will put limits on the way the process of fitness works. The focus of body building is to look a certain way and in order to do that, you got to focus on isolated movements to overload the muscles and to increase size aka hypertrophy. The body building world looks at the major muscle groups from an aesthetic point of view from a proportion, ratio perspective. Whether that particular muscle has any applicable functional strength is overlooked. The connective tissue, stabilizers all are often ignored. What is encouraged is an extreme unhealthy way of reaching a certain body fat percentage goal in order to win that competition and a sponsorship. It’s a sport, I get it, an all out aesthetics sport and takes hard work, dedication and a lot of work to get to that goal. But my question is, is it healthy to have such low body fat percentages, is it healthy to depend so much on supplements and if no, then is it healthy to project unhealthy body images to impressionable younger minds.

My point is after a certain level, you can dead-lift all you want, you can bench-press all you want, but you also have to cross train and train for a purpose, for a goal, train like a champion. Isolated Strength is an important component but not an equation by itself. It’s a part of the bigger picture, the bigger equation. There are many components to a well rounded program such as Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, Balance, Range of Motion, Being able to move in all planes, Yoga, Flexibility and more! Most folks go through the acts of movement in one domain without knowing why or how they’re going to utilize their skill. While aesthetics are important, it’s also important to introduce newer skill sets to train for performance, train for a purpose and setting newer performance goals.

One of the ways to do that is to participate in an event or a sport that puts your overall fitness level to test and that will test your strength, endurance and your overall athleticism; this approach helps you train for performance, purpose and a goal with a set deadline.

Love and Gratitude,

– Vivek 

PS: When someone starts out new with their fitness journey, isolated strength training and fat loss would be a good goal because you want to drop to a certain body fat percentage before you start looking from a performance, functional point of view. The purpose has to evolve after a certain point where your aesthetics become a by product of your performance goal.

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