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I had zero energy today. Zero. Couldn’t train the way I would like to. Stopped half way through. Sat down on the floor. Cussed it out. Felt tired exhausted for no rhyme or reason. In the picture I look like I’m about to fall asleep. Standing – like one would in a Mumbai local train. 

I thought about it and here’s 5 reasons why one might feel tired or exhausted. In my case maybe it was lack of enough sleep. Or maybe the heat today was too much. But low energy on a regular basis might indicate one or combination of things below. There could be more or other reasons too. This is something that comes to my mind quick types. 

1) Less calorie consumption – or low carbs or the wrong carbs. This is easy to understand. Bagels versus Parathas? Parathas obviously. Eating the right kind and amount of carbs is essential.

2) Stress – this can totally block you out. This is more mental so need to practice meditation or hang out with good friends. Positivity helps. Negativity drains.

3) Lack of social support – if you’re training by yourself, you’re not going to have competition. Healthy competition. It’s gives a good adrenaline rush when you see your friends pushing more and then you subconsciously can’t slack. Look around you. Are your friends sitting and discussing bullshit negative talks or are they taking action towards a better them. Choose wisely. I used to be a nice guy but I’m very selfish that way. Very clear cut. I step away from bullshit as soon as I can. You should too. 

4) Adaptogens – this is so essential I can’t even get into the depth of the subject with such a small blog. Adaptogens are herbs that are thousands of years old and help with energy homeostasis. Aka creating equilibrium. Read it up. It’s good for you! Shakeology is a great supplement to get you your greens and adaptogens all in one shake. Easy. Tasty.

5) Myofascial Release, Yoga, Chiropractor or Massage – Heard of a rumble roller? You heard it now. It releases knots in your muscles and helps with increased blood flow. This is not some random crap I’m talking about, it’s science, it’s biology. Okay? It’s good stuff. Chiropractors and Massage Therapists work differently so take a trip to the experts and feel the difference for yourself. Chiropractors are usually covered by Insurance also. Practice Yoga and Meditate. I don’t want to elaborate on how good these things are. You already know that. 

So that’s it. Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Love and Gratitude,


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