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Whether it’s fitness or anything else that you do, anything that it is you want to do, there will also be a set of folks who will make fun of you. Maybe they won’t say it directly to your face because we live in a politically correct society, and political correctness has become a disease in our system but nevertheless that is bound to happen.

In physics it may be referred to as energy, while intuitively that may be called vibes aka vibrations that folks may introduce around you. Some also refer to as a gut feeling. All of these are the same things.

You can’t really focus on what they say, my philosophy is to avoid contact with such folks at all times. The more you limit yourself the better it is. I’m a strong believer of the fact that we really need to make the right choices with folks who care, love, understand and trust each other fully. My gut feeling has rarely gone wrong and the more I grow older, the more I learn to trust my inner instinct. I used to question myself earlier but now I don’t. If my gut feeling says something about someone, it usually is spot on. It’s almost like I can hear your thoughts without you saying it just by your body language and the look in your eyes. I’m not exaggerating.

I’ve learned to maintain a distance with just my gut feeling and if you have a gut feeling about something, you should not second doubt yourself and believe that Mother Nature is telling you something and you should listen to it.

Long story short, let them do the job of making fun of you while you continue to do your job of making yourself a better you each day.


Love and Gratitude,


Coach V
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