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There’s something about fitness that speaks volumes about building your character. The entire process of going through the discipline, embracing it as a lifestyle, the will power to eat carrots and blueberries while everyone literally gorging on gulab jamuns and sweets, and you still don’t feel it’s an act of sacrifice builds your character in so many ways and other areas of life as well.

Not to mention the journey helps you connect with folks who have the same thought process. If you’re a drinker, you will connect socially with folks who drink. If you’re into training that’s where your connections are. Find your own connect and find ways to make your own definitions of social connect instead of letting society decide that for you. Obviously, some folks are going to justify their bad habits in the name of “defining their own rules” but the key thing here is to know and understand that this applies to self-development and building your character. Know the difference between justifying bad habits and calling it cool versus building good long term better habits.

Focus on building your character and it’ll reflect in every aspect of your life.


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