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The reason I’ve stopped trusting people is because people are fickle-minded, they change in an instant, doesn’t take much to change their behavior and you’re left wondering what happened.

This is the truth. The sooner you get your heart broken, the better it is for you to learn and know that no one is to be trusted. You can give your heart and soul to any relationship but know that anyone can flip on you anytime – be prepared for that. That preparation mentality will help you keep your sanity.

We expect reason from individuals and not a system. When someone leaves without explanation or letting us know why they left or what changed we are perplexed because we expect humans to talk with each other and let them know what went wrong or what happened. Sometimes more than the action, it’s the lack of reason that affects us more. Because there is no closure. But we have to break free of that closure mentality and let people make a decision for themselves. No one should be and can be forced into being with you when they don’t want to. It’s their choice. And your choice also.

Long story short, give but don’t expect anything. I’m not saying give up hope. Hope and expectations are two different things. It takes a lot of effort, practice and preparation to reach a stage of zero expectations.

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