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heehawClosed Minds of Open Minded People

What’s with that title Vivek? No no no, it’s not profound, not philosophical, in fact the only thing that this title raises is curiosity.

Who are open minded people? People who accept different skill sets. People who understand that it takes all kinds of people to make this world. People who believe that everyone has an important role to play in society. In short, accepting. Whether it’s a difference of opinion, or difference in the role they or anyone else plays in society.  It’s about learning new things and not saying “Mera Kya Fayda” (Translate: What’s in it for me). It’s not all about Fayda (Profit) or Nuksaan (Loss), sometimes it’s beyond that. In fact, mostly it is about that. The Fayda Nuksaan is a by-product of those learnings or choices.

Let’s look at the psychology of Closed Minded people. What they do and what they believe is resistance to change. Resistance to creativity, resistance to humor (personally, this one is very important to me LOL) and resistance to everything in life. Not saying questioning and reasoning is a bad thing, in fact it’s a good thing. But my point is, Closed Minded people often devalue others role in a society. Their center of focus is “them”, no one else.

Some closed minded people are driven into development areas and become IT professionals and Engineers or whatever hi-tech profession they choose, sometimes pushed into. For them, that profession or that particular role, and that role only has value. I’ve met Engineers who talk about the Marketing department and call them useless. The only thing that comes to my mind and I often tell them straight up is that sure you design antennas, but that department brings you customers. What are you doing to do with your development if there is no one to finance it or no one to buy? These people believe they are open minded but in fact are quite the opposite. Hence, the term, Closed Minds of Open Minded People. And oh, btw, if you’re someone who has a high level of education, does not necessarily correlate into an open mind. It’s a trait learned outside of school.

I often get worried about society in general, not because I am a socialist or whatever; I’m not that person. I just get mad dealing with these morons at times. If everyone in the society slowly turn into Closed Minded-Open Minded morons, they will start swaying people who they know and influence them in such ways, especially children. At the end of the day, if these are the only people left, who the heck will I interact with? Actually, I might be a closed minded person from someone else’s point of view. Oh well…..

That’s my dilemma.  

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