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I turn 39 years old today and it seems like yesterday that I left my country and moved to the United States for better opportunities, higher education and dreams like anyone else.

So I wrote a letter to my younger self. Or maybe it’s written for every 21 year old out there who has dreams and aspirations to do something with their lives.

So here goes-

“Dear Vivek of 21 years old, this is Vivek at age 39. I have couple of things to tell you that might be of help –

1.) Don’t be in a hurry to settle down. Everyone does that eventually, just learn to be independent and live on your own for a few years. Make peace with yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Draw healthy boundaries.

2.) Never go shopping on an empty stomach. Same with relationships. Don’t make friends when you’re lonely, don’t fall in love out of guilt or loneliness.

3.) Stick to your word, if you say something, follow it through. Be careful of people who don’t stick to their word.

4.) Making money is important. Anyone who tells you money isn’t important is a fool. At the same time, don’t be hungry for money, be hungry for knowledge. The more you learn, the more confident you will be and more ready to handle people and situations. Always stay curious. Invest in education and books.

5.) Age will make you cynical, the friends you make now, will be friends forever.

6.) Follow your dreams, but find a way to sleep peacefully first.

7.) Don’t do things to prove your worth, do things that make you truly happy, how much ever cheesy this may sound. The people you try to prove your worth to, they won’t pay your bills 20 years down the road.

8.) Anger is a good thing. Channelize it. Fitness. Writing. Martial Arts. Editing. Music. Anything. In fact, do these things even if you’re not angry.

9.) Finally, be selfish. It’s OK.”


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