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Not being a pessimist, but just from a realistic point of view-

It’s a known fact that the world has been pretty much ugly, and with the proximity of social media, the ugliness is more visible than ever. One of the biggest challenges genuinely real and good people face is that they are also looked upon with doubt. As in, why is this person being nice with me.

I’ve been thinking (yep, believe it or not, when I’m not talking, I do this), and it seems that most people look at others either as a resource, a connection, either for something they need or for some sort of give and take aka symbiotic relationship. That’s a business transaction not friendship. And that’s the reason for most people doubting others when they’re genuinely interested in being friends with them without any expectations. “How come he/she doesn’t have any expectations. He/she must have some hidden agenda.” Even though there may be none.

Do you realize the world is a mirror? When you make friends or socially connect with others with expectations, or the number of degrees/education level they have (not to ignore the fact that the education level is associated with intelligence), or the size of their home or the visa in their passport, that’s exactly what “you” see and miss the opportunity to connect with genuine people who had no hidden agenda.

And then few years down the road, you have no friends and only connections, connections for business transactions, not unconditional friendship

“You” see what “you” are.

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