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People say Politicians are corrupt. But wait, everyone is corrupt at their own levels. When was the last time you helped someone without a selfish motive. When was the last time you took time to follow the rules and not think of a “jugaad”. You did – didn’t you? That’s corruption disguised as a different flowery sugar-coated label.

There are employees in the tobacco industry, animal industry, fast food chemically processed restaurants, colas and many such organizations that cause harm but are legal and are approved by whatever governing body and not because it’s “oh so good for the environment and/or people” but profit making and lobbying so it’s OK and they also get acknowledged for their “good jobs” done. They have yearly appraisals, awards for adding the preservatives in their food. What an achievement isn’t it?

You are corrupt too! Just on a different level. And a different magnitude. Because corruption are of two types – legal and illegal aka approved or not approved. Given the right circumstances you wouldn’t be any different from the Politicians and you would not only do the same thing but you’d also have ideas to justify your doings. So acknowledge the fact that you cannot get rid of corruption. But maybe, you could use the corrupt environment to help someone and push them forward. Maybe you could use corruption to do something good.

With a very few exceptions, most people are slaves of receiving validation and will do what they’re told to. As long as their mortgage and car payments are made. And as long as they keep receiving their yearly awards and salary raises, most people will be super-motivated to add more preservatives to the grocery store food and brag about it as if it’s a huge achievement. 

And then we have the guts to point fingers at politicians. Think about it.

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