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Definition of Kung Fu – Skill that is attained as a result of consistent hard work. 

Definition of Yoga – Union of the opposites. 

In its essence, Kung Fu can be thought of as mastery of a particular skill. It could be anything, education, cooking, anything. A “teacher-father” is referred to as “Shifu” with respect and honor. For the purposes of this blog, we will refer to Kung Fu as a Martial Art and we’ll unfold the reasons associated. 

Kung Fu is a way of life, it’s the way we look at things, it’s the way our perception changes. If you grew up in a narcissistic society where it’s always about you, it’s perhaps hard for you to grasp the concept of respect, humility and understanding this particular way of life. The narcissistic society gets busy doing research on why what happens in other societies and tried to emulate but cannot successfully find the formula because that’s not natural to them. But for anyone growing up in the Kung Fu way, all these things are very natural and a way of life for them. 

Yoga is also a way of life, staying in certain poses (asanas) is a metaphor for staying in uncomfortable places and staying still at the same time. It shapes a persons perspective and the way our perception changes as a result of this practice. The teacher is called “Guru”. Very similar to Kung Fu because it’s something you live everyday. Going to a class at your local gym will not give you this perspective but it will give you a great workout for sure. 

It is believed that the Indian Buddhist Bodhidharma arrived at the Shaolin Temple and proceeded to teach the practice of Yoga to the monks in the temple. Over the course of many years, the monks built fighting and defense techniques based on what they learned from Bodhidharma and that’s how Shaolin Kung Fu was born or derived. 

Some scholars have disputed this theory. And it’s OK. Whether Shaolin Kung Fu is derived from
Yoga or not, but we can see similarities and similar or common starting points in the way the practice is based on Meditation, Respect and developing Gratitude and making it a way of life versus reading a cliched sale(sy) formula from a book that cannot change anyone’s point of view once you lift your head up after reading the book and the society confuses respect for fear. 

Love and Gratitude,

– Vivek

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