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We have the concept of try before you buy, return policies in many developed countries and while it’s a good thing for the consumer and keeps corporations on their toes to continuously keep up with customer satisfaction and quality check on their products, there is an impact on human relationships.

How’s that possible? Let’s dig in –

Right from Day 1 with the whole “try before you buy” attitude, it doesn’t take long before this mentality seeps into every aspect of our life. Including relationships. Relationships for the very basis of human interaction with each other yet somehow, for a lot of people, this is the last on their list of important things. And I’m not referring to “Tu mere kaam aa, and main tere kaam aayonga”, I’m just saying from a social interaction and satisfaction point of view. Just very simple, happ(y)ness quotient.

I started noticing this behavior seep in about 4-5 years back with a lot of people I know as social media started picking up also. There is a correlation between the “try before you buy”, social media interaction which gives instant satisfaction but never includes the process of cultivating relationships and some may find it gruesome while the whole logic is that it needs to be smooth, easy and not work. I don’t think we can get away with the social media interaction or “try before you buy” but at least we can make some solid decisions and tell ourselves that I’m not going to fall for the “try before you buy” and research my options well before I make a decision. I won’t try, I’ll go all in with all my heart and not intend to return it. Maybe, just maybe, then that attitude can help us cultivate better and stronger relationships for life. Not just for a particular phase or convenience.

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