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Top 5 Reasons why I am NOT looking forward to the iPhone 8/X release. The information below is based on initial speculation and information over the internet. 

1) Cost –

Previously, the iPhones came along with the 2 year operator contract for $199 which is was a relatively easier upgrade. Let’s face it, we use 5-6 apps and toggle between them and purchasing a new phone that starts at $999 for the base model does not make sense at all. So what exactly is a consumer paying $999 for? Which brings us to the next point.

2) Camera –

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Are you really willing to pay $999 for a new camera that can make voice calls and send text messages? Or would you rather pay for a really high end DSLR if the camera is your preference. Not to forget that the drone market has really picked up well and for $999 you could get really high end drones as well taking your pictures and videos to a whole new level.

3) Wireless Charging –

This makes for a great bullet point but the amount of time it takes to charge wirelessly has never been talked about. In fact, Apple has not taken the time to research on fast charging options. While most competitors can charge their phones from 0-100% in 15-20 minutes, Apple has been left behind in that area. I do understand fast charging batteries may pose a risk but this is a point. If they were to sell me a phone that can charge wirelessly in 15 minutes, that would make for an interesting bullet point. But still not convincing enough to spend $999 for wireless charging.

4) OLED screen –

Again, most competitors already have the OLED screen and have moved away from LCDs. In fact, the Samsung S8 has a 2K screen so you can imagine Apple has been left behind in this area as well.

5) Lack of Innovation –

Either be the best or be first. Apple was known to be the best. So they could afford to be not first because people wait for quality and innovation. For the last 3 years, the screen size changes, the camera upgrades, and all that is great but there is no innovation. Apple needs to admit the fact that they don’t have much to innovate anymore and the only way to have an EDGE (pun intended) is to be first.

Of course, the Apple logo has a lot of power to sell the iPhones and Apple has changed the technology world in a huge way and that was when late Mr. Steve Jobs was the leader. That’s not the case anymore. In fact, most of the sales are because of the legacy Mr. Steve Jobs left behind. Not everyone has the vision like he did.

On a side note, I love Apple products and I take this liberty to criticize positively for what I as a consumer seems to be the problem here instead of getting blindsided and biased towards a company I have tremendous respect for.

Love and Gratitude,


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