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The Affordable Shaadi Care Act of India-

Divorce rate in India is relatively lower compared with many developed countries even though couples staying together are not happy with each other. The reason why couples stay together is because of two major external forces as defined below.

• Log Kya Kahengey.
• The amount of money spent on shaadi is so high (let’s take and avg of 30 lakhs ka shaadi), even if you calculate on the basis of paisa vasooli bole to Return of Investment, 3 lakhs per annum, which usually the girls father ends up spending, the woman has to compromise for 10 years at least before pitaji ka ROI is vasoolofied. Ladki ROI gi chalega, paisa waste nahi hona chahiye. Sad but true.

So to combat money situation above, this act has been passed as of yesterday. This act will pay for the shaadi for every individual with a deductible of 10% of the total amount. This will affect tax payers paycheck where the money will be taken from individuals and a pool of Shaadi kharcha will be created- that pool will be used to take care of shaadi expenses and spending for dinner and daaru for most of the people in the shaadi are no-idea-who (these are the same sub category of “log Kya kahengey” people) and pay for their weird naagin dances in the shaadi captured on video for the rest of their lives giving Kapil Sharma’s comedy show a run for their money. The one where men are dressed as women-wala part.

One way to combat this situation is to go for court marriage and keep a small get together. Spend less on Shaadi and focus less on giving one time Daaru and Dinner to most strangers and save that expense. Log kya kahengey above will also be taken care of, jab log zyada hongey hi nahi to bolengey kisko. Bolengey bhi to sunega kaun. Hai ki nahi.

Affordable Act Care of India –
Support the cause, just because.

Samajhne waale ko 101/- rupiya inaam.

Love and Gratitude,


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