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I read about Simplicity, Complexity and Informed Simplicity someplace, can’t recollect where but it makes total sense. I’ll phrase this blog based on my thoughts.


Often defined as naive, not knowing, and being simple, not as a matter of choice rather not knowing what’s outside of the staying simple zone. Simplicity is also, to a large extent, in the gullible domain. You’re simple, because you really don’t know any better or have much of a choice. One can correlate this with the early growing up years in anyone’s lifespan. Usually happiness from a simplistic point of view is to do with basic things, such as food, friends, sleep, laughter, being silly, in short, just happy. It’s a great thing. But there is a problem in this domain, that we trust everyone. That’s probably not a good thing. You have to evaluate people before you can trust them. Which evolves us into the next phase of our lives – Complexity.


As we get to know more about the world around us, we start to make things more complex. Food, Relationships, how we spend our day, Career, everything. We make it complex by not being able to trust. But I just said that it was a problem in the Simplistic domain, didn’t I? True. But we mistrust so much that we reach the other end of the spectrum. All of a sudden there is a shift, and the shift is necessary because you know at some point you trusted someone in the Simplistic domain, and your trust was broken, so you evolved into a Complex species. That’s why perhaps you never made much more new friends. With a few exceptions, most friends turned out to be single-serving friends (line taken from the movie “Fight Club”). Single serving friends who are good for a coffee or a movie or just talk for some time under ideal circumstances, but never really a heart to heart connect. And oh by the way, while you were evolving from the Simplistic domain to the Complex domain, you lost touch with your friends along the way and realized you are running after the complex things in life for sure, but have also created a void, a vacuum from a social well-being point of view. And the more you stay in this domain, the lonelier you’re going to get. This is usually the transition for anyone moving from childhood into adulthood. It’s important to move on to the next phase – Informed Simplicity, and the sooner you get there, the better it is.  

Informed Simplicity

For some people, this domain may never be completely experienced. This is going back to basics but now knowing what to trust, what not to trust. You develop a knack, an instinct when it comes to people, things, and a vibe around you. You’re more intuitive, more going with your gut feeling, you value food, sleep, relationships, but you’re more informed. You know that the complex domain was not good for the mind, body, soul and was a learning phase to get the materialistic things with you into the Informed Simplicity domain. You’re more prepared for people to abandon you in this domain. You’re ready for anyone to change at any given point. You know you will meet fickle minded people and you’ll keep your expectations low. You’ll be a bit sad when someone abandons you, but it won’t bother you much, because you were mentally prepared for this. You focus more on things that you want to, and give less importance to things that you have to. This is why perhaps grandparents and grand-kids have a special bond. I don’t know. Just a thought correlating the phases.

That’s all. Thanks for reading. I don’t know why I wrote this blog.

Love and Gratitude,


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