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What is Privacy? 
The logic is to not create a divide by any means whether its your pay grade, your grades in school or your social status. The idea to create equality within the community. Therefore, privacy is absolutely needed because the human race will find means and ways to create a divide which does no good to society. That’s a known fact. 
What is invasion of Privacy?
In the name of familiarity, there is a fine thin line that is crossed and people are judged on their social status, the clothes they wear, the money they have and in school its all based on your grades. You get the drift. This happens in many parts of the world where the rich and poor divide is high. I’m speaking off the cuff here. 
Make no mistake, as we are progressing in the technologically advanced world, we are crossing the line from being Private to being Isolate. That’s a thin line that has easily been crossed in many parts of the world, never mind the rich poor divide. Being Private is a good thing, being Isolated is not. Let’s not make the mistake of confusing Isolation with Privacy. It’s important to step out and meet people with similar mindset or similar goals because it’s the right thing to do for your soul. 
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