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The book that changed my life. Gave me a new perspective. Unfolded my story in front of my eyes. Boys who don’t have a good relationship with their fathers turn to be overly pleasing guys and are afraid to share their flaws. They believe pleasing others will bring them happiness. They never stand up for themselves. The want others to validate them.

Being a nice guy is a sickness, and recovering from the nice guy syndrome takes time. You realize you’re a nice guy when you’re hurt, broken and kicked in the rear multiple times. What was my fault exactly? I worked all my life for respect and it was taken away from me in March 2013.

I used to be in the nice guy category, it took me 3 years to get out of the nice guy mode. The title is misleading. You’ll see when you read it. Highly recommended for men of this age and generation especially nice guys.

This book has inspired me to write many blogs and many videos on the subject.

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