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I’ve been thinking about how everyone has evolved over the last few years and there’s more hunger for instant gratification and how no one wants to endure the process. Which does translate into so many areas of life. Marriage, for instance. A concept which brings two people together who are told to live together with each other for the rest of their lives, even though secretly one or even both may have dreams or desires for someone else perhaps. A fascination with a movie star, or a famous sports professional, in other words the desire to be with the image of perfection rather than endure the reality process. As crude as it may sound, this is the truth.

Marriage is a concept which requires 2 people to forget, forgive. Who has the time for that anymore. It requires 2 people to respect each other even when they have a conflict. Who has the time for that anymore. It requires ….. you know the drill. Same gyaan you get everywhere. Does that change anything? Nope. All it suggests is if these elements are missing, the end result of marriage will cease to exist. You can’t have a recipe without the ingredients.

On second thoughts, “who has the time for that anymore” above should be replaced with “who has the intent for that anymore”. Haan, ye sahi hai.

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