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Life lessons from Dad to Son –

I’ve learned that when someone likes you they find love even in your anger. The protective kind. They know the intent behind the caring.

And when they don’t, they find faults even when show love. Even when you show you care. That’s the trouble with bias.

If you have to work too hard in a relationship, it’s not a relationship, it’s a job. Two people look at each other and forget their differences, that’s vibe that’s chemistry. That’s love. Things are easy. They don’t take each other for granted, they take the time to explain and clarify their point of view. They finds way to make it work. They don’t have excuses. They have solutions.

Have a high self-esteem, self-respect and DON’T be afraid to walk away from people who steal you of your joy, who are biased against you. Be patient, the right ones will come along, just keep doing your thing.


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