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Every interview, every position I have applied for, I’ve been asked one question, one thing “Tell us about yourself”. This was by far the most difficult question and I still can’t answer it. Let me dig deeper.

The human emotion or the idea of self/decision making is mainly categorized into 3 categories.

  1. Id: Id is the impulse of the human emotion. It’s almost similar to doing something immediately rather than thinking it through. Most dangerous stunts, eating habits, spending habits are categorized into this impulse or emotion. This is the emotion where most capitalism is founded upon, if that makes sense. It’s also mostly about self. Narcissistic habits are founded upon this emotion. We all have a little bit of healthy narcissism which helps protect us but when the narcissistic traits exceed a certain threshold, the Id characters are unable to have healthy relationships for long, because everything is and was executed out of impulse. Not thought through. The modern world aka society all over the globe even though from a technological stand point are years ahead, there is sense of loneliness due to this characteristic which is fueled each and every day. Social Media, Return Policies (which act as a catalyst for impulsive behavior) and that quality seeps into every aspect of life, which includes relationships. The try before you buy concept when applied to a marriage equals divorce and separation. The Id is the impulse behavior which can be healthy or unhealthy depending upon the decisions made. These topics look different but they all converge with our habits and our expectations from things and people around us.
  2. Super Ego is the spiritual side of the equation, it’s the other opposite end of the Spectrum with respect to Id. You would see a lot of urbanites moving towards the East side of the world (where people take the time to think through decisions) or getting into Yoga to explore their spiritual side and reconnect on a grass root level with people. Sure, there are a ton of infrastructural and bureaucratic issues, but people talk to each other. They don’t spend time researching the benefits of a Social Circle because they’re already quite busy with the social circle so who has time for that anyways.
    Everything that is validated by Research in the Modern World is in fact, a way of life for the other side of the world. On a larger bureaucratic level, there is no human value, the Education System is a nightmare, the Legal System is horrendous but the Social aspect is not that big of a void. Things are of course changing in larger urban areas but the system still has major issues. I’m only speaking from a social infrastructure point of view.
  3. Ego: The ego is the balancing force between the Id and the Super Ego. The Ego is mostly the missing piece in any place. While the developing world was overloaded with Super Ego (and to a large extent suppressed and rules and regulations enforced without taking the time to explain why) there was a Volcanic reaction to impulsify (if that’s even a word?) things and all of a sudden we are in the Id domain. On the other hand, the developed world was so fed up of shallow relationships that a lot of folks just quit where they are at and move to an abundant state of Super Ego. When you’ve lived in both extremes, you can bring the balance to folks around you. That’s education outside of the classroom and that’s knowledge that can help and benefit everyone. Bringing in the balance. While the Id culture keeps capitalism alive, the Super Ego culture keeps you in deep connect with yourself. Best way to put it is, I’d like to be in spiritual connect with myself while having a big home, lots of money and a big car. Again, I’ve oversimplified it, but you get the idea.

The question still remains, “Tell me about yourself” still haunts me because I grew up believing our work speaks for itself more than our words but I guess I’ve learned in the evolving world that perhaps marketing yourself isn’t such a bad thing after all. So, how about you, can you tell me about yourself?

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